Press release - Project launch



An European research project to develop innovative materials and designs for long-life high-temperature geothermal wells.


In 2008, European countries agreed the ambitious target to increase the use of renewable energies to 20% of the European energy consumption by 2020, in particular through the Horizon 2020 program. To put Europe in the lead regarding development of deep geothermal energy, the GeoWell project was established, and will contribute to the 2020 goal through new and improved well technology.


GeoWell is a three-year collaborative research project developing innovative materials and designs for long-life high-temperature geothermal wells. The consortium behind GeoWell constitutes a combination of experienced geothermal developers, academic, oil and gas research institutions from 5 different European countries.


The main concept of GeoWell is to enhance well design and completion techniques. This will result in developing reliable, cost effective and environmentally safe well completion and monitoring technologies to ease the development of the geothermal market.


To assure the quality of the approach and the final results of the project, the developed methods and technologies will be tested in laboratories and partly in real geothermal environment. It includes all the relevant steps in the geothermal well completion process to enhance the lifetime of high-temperature geothermal wells, such as:

  • Cement and sealing technologies;
  • Materials and coupling of casings;
  • Temperature and strain measurements in wells using fibre optic technologies to monitor well integrity;
  • Development of risk assessment methods…


« The GeoWell project will address important bottlenecks in geothermal development like high investment and maintenance costs by developing innovative materials and designs that are superior to the state of the art concepts. This will significantly enhance the current technology position of constructing and operating a geothermal well. The aim is to expedite the development of geothermal exploitation globally.

The strength of the GeoWell consortium lies in the long and broad experience of the partners and the specific competence that each of them has within their field of expertise. This will ensure a successful project implementation »

— Arni RAGNARSSON, Project Manager


Dernière mise à jour le 01.09.2016