WP5 – Well monitoring

Leader: GFZ

Other partners involved: ISOR, TNO, HS ORKA


In order to increase the lifetime of a geothermal well and to allow for a safe operation throughout its lifetime, the structural integrity of casing and cement will be analysed. In geothermal wells, especially large temperature and pressure changes during production/injection as well as shut-in periods lead to strong variations of the thermal and mechanical load onto the subsurface construction. To study the performance of casing and cement during varying load conditions as well as to identify processes influencing the integrity of casing and cement, this workpackage focuses on real-time well monitoring technologies. Therefore, distributed fiber optic sensing technologies shall be developed and tested to simultaneously measure temperature, strain and acoustic noise within the cemented annulus of a geothermal well. Data shall be compared to conventional well logging procedures and used to evaluate the casing/cement performance as well as optimize the monitoring strategy for future wells.


Dernière mise à jour le 05.07.2016