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WP3 - Improved cement, ductile surface layer and composite casing

Leader: TNO

Other partners involved: ISOR, AKIET, BRGM, HS ORKA, IRIS, STATOIL


Develop cement and sealing technologies optimized for high-enthalpy geothermal applications in order to ensure casing protection and zonal isolation at elevated temperatures and pressures (up to 450°C and >100 bars). Assess the potential of using high temperature composite casings.


  • Improve current cement curing kinetics and performance
  • Reduce thermal strains and stresses in the wellbore by implementing a ductile layer between casing and cement (conduct lab tests and numerical simulations)
  • Design and test of high temperature composite casing (HTCC)
  • Assess the performance of (hardened) cement and interfaces at representative P/T conditions by a combined experimental/modelling approach



Dernière mise à jour le 05.07.2016