Statoil was founded in 1972 with the objective to carry out exploration, production, transport, refining and marketing of petroleum and petroleum derived products on the Norwegian continental shelf.  Now, Statoil is also operating within renewables. Statoil is still the leading operator on the Norwegian continental shelf, but now also has international upstream operations in 36 countries. The company is the 3rd largest net seller of crude oil in the world, and the second largest supplier of natural gas to Europe.


Statoil has 42 years of experience in exploration and production of oil and gas, containing work processes and technologies relevant for geothermal production and involving the same professional skills. Statoil operates a large number of onshore and offshore conventional oil & gas fields where different types of well stimulation, such as hydraulic fracturing, proppant injection and acid treatment as well as injection of water and gas for enhanced production is used. Since 2008 Statoil also has been operator in U.S. shale oil&gas developments.

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