HS Orka is Iceland’s third largest energy company. The company is owned by the Canadian power company Alterra Power, holding 2/3 of the shares and Jarðvarmi slhf., an Icelandic pension funds company, holding 1/3 of the shares. HS Orka is the only large Icelandic energy company that is not owned by government and municipal entities.

HS Orka owns and operates two geothermal power plants on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland, at Svartsengi and at Reykjanes. The capacity of the  Svartsengi plant is 74 MWe of electricity and 190 MWth of heat energy. The Svartsengi plant was built in stages with the first stage in operation in 1976. The capacity of the Reykjanes plant is 100 MWe that came on line in 2006.  Currently HS Orka is preparing drilling of a 5000 meter deep well at the Reykjanes site which will be drilled in the fall 2016.


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