Many geothermal projects are challenged because of high installation costs of the wells and long term integrity in corrosive environments. With composites, installation costs can be significantly reduced by using lighter equipment and corrosion resistant benefits of composite tubulars.


Enable cost-effective drilling and installation of casings with light-weight equipment which will last the whole life of the geothermal system.


Akiet can deliver composite geothermal wells by engineering designs, sharing the results, demonstrating with tests, manufacturing and installing the tubulars so every geothermal project can become a technical and commercial success.

GeoWell project

Together with the GeoWell consortium Akiet has been awarded a Horizon 2020 project, which is the EU Framework program for research and innovation. In this project, Akiet's goal is to research and upgrade the temperature resistance of its composite casings and to develop and create a prototype of a composite tubular system to around 170°C (340 °F) for geothermal applications.



Dernière mise à jour le 05.07.2016